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Dominik Dobrowolski

Let’s  paint this planet green - not grey :-) (...)

It has all begun in the late 80’s, when together with friends we created “Freedom and Peace” movement. Our first goal was to prevent Ironworks Siechnice from polluting water sources for Wrocław with cancerogenic chromium. We succeeded- the toxic production was stopped. At that time I was studying at the University of Natural Sciences and later also at the University of Economics in Wroclaw - my dream was to establish an organic farm.

My life, however, took a different direction. Rather than produce “oscypki” (traditional polish cheese) and honey, I joined the NGO's movement and became an independent environmentalist and explorer. I work locally, in Poland, as well as worldwide. The whole idea is to clean the world. I do it through supporting numerous organizations - I create and manage projects and build fundraising programs. I connect economy, health, sports, culture and architecture with ecology. In today's world, all of these disciplines should complement and support each other. I run training courses and projects on corporate social responsibility (CSR), green PR and marketing. I organize numerous events (conferences, seminars, social events) and environmental happenings for different companies, governments and organizations (eg. "Recycling gives fruit", "Culture is a Nature", "I love recycling", "Give an Example"). At present I also help the artists from the Foundation for Contemporary Art In Situ in the reconstruction of the former sanatorium Dr. Brehmer in Sokołowsko (www.sokolowsko.org).

Travelling is a vital element of my educational activity, whether on a bicycle as a part of the action “Stop CO2” or in a canoe, during "Recycling Cruises" campaign. I invite you to join me in my ecological journey. Let’s  paint this planet green - not grey :-)

Dominik Dobrowolski
www.cycling-recycling.eu , www.recykling-rejs.pl
+48 697 092 978


My eco-expeditions: (kayak)

Odra river 2011: http://odra.cycling-recycling.eu/

Vistula river 2012: http://wisla.cycling-recycling.eu/

5Rivers 2013: http://rejs2013.cycling-recycling.eu/

Warsaw-Berlin 2014: http://rejs2014.cycling-recycling.eu/

Baltc2015: http://rejs2015.cycling-recycling.eu/

Lakes and rivers 2016: http://rejs2016.recykling-rejs.pl/

Masuria and Vistula 2017: http://recykling-rejs.pl/


My eco-expeditions (bike)

Around Baltic 2010: http://wyprawy.cycling-recycling.eu/

Brussels 2011: http://bruksela.cycling-recycling.eu/

Copenhagen 2012: http://cycling-recycling.eu/kopenhaga/

Berlin, Paris, London 2013: http://cycling-recycling.eu/londyn/

Cycling Recycling Around Poland 2016: cycling-recycling.eu



EkoWalentynki 2018

"Od wielu lat w ramach "EkoWalentynek" pragniemy pokazać, że podczas święta zakochanych, na to najwspanialsze uczucie, zasługuje (...)



Dominik Dobrowolski

Let’s  paint this planet green - not grey :-) (...)

Danish helmet for Dominik